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Explore the Far Corners of the World on a Cruise

World cruises offer vacationers the ultimate in global exploration. Experience culture-rich sightseeing opportunities on multiple continents. Mix leisurely days at sea with exciting land tours to inland attractions. Fulfill your dream on a cruise around the world.

Cruise ships from seven lines make world cruises. These grand voyages allow you to visit many far-flung destinations without dealing with airports and other hassles typical of travel. Round the world cruises embark from Florida, California, and England.

One-Way Cruises from the United States

A cruise to Argentina is an opportunity to explore the coasts of South America. Scenic wonders and the remains of ancient civilizations.

Likewise cruises to Brazil from the United States are classic expeditions. Many tour the Amazon.

A few grand voyages cross the Pacific on cruises to Japan. For whatever reason they are rare, but highly coveted.

Cruises to China from the US are also rare, but we uncovered 10 for your inspection. Grand journeys to Asia are a hot trend in cruising.

Exotic cruises to French Polynesia include ports of call at Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and other islands. Many of those voyages are round-trip.

Going farther south, cruises to New Zealand from America are available too. Sail one-way to Auckland out of California, Florida or New York.

Discover the thrills of exploration. Enjoy the excitement of traveling the globe in the high style and easy grace that royals, stars and other glamorous travellers have shared before you. A long grand voyage will be an experience to remember.

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